With elections always being discussed over every media outlet, politics is a topic that is surely on everybody’s mind. Even though politics can be explained by children (and some grown-ups) as tedious and complex, it is a major part of the civilization we live in. Clearly, this suggests we all must have a primary perception? Here are some reasons why we think it should be approved to be taught among children.

1. Children are the hope of the future

If one thing is sure it’s that politics aren’t going anyplace soon. With our kids being the age of tomorrow, it’s essential that they are prepared to comprehend the federal system and it’s story, as well as being inspired to choose their leaders and have their opinions voiced out.

I know you might be thinking that they should only play with their toys medium.com/@playtime/best-toys-gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-58e9649bdd3 but sometimes, it is beneficial to slowly introduce politics.

2. It can make them understand they have a choice

Helping children to learn about governments and political leaders can be made exceptional and have long-term advantages. Having discussions, disputes and studying about control problems and how it affects the society they live in, could be an effective way to help kids come up with ideas and learn about their position in society as days pass by.

3. It expands children’s understanding

All parents desire their kids to be educated and familiarized. As much as youngsters have to know that they have the choice to vote, with that also comes the obligation of explaining why they would vote for a specific person to be their leader. Understanding how civilization works, the state and politics may seem boring to kids, but possessing this information should be seen as a great thing.

We know that preparing your children about choices isn’t going to be a preference for all parents. Nevertheless, for those of you who are curious- a fabulous way to begin is by attracting an interest. Another basic way to do this is by linking politics to stuff that are important to them like school, exams, their provincial park or the books store.

Not many would be able to notice it especially that most are leaning on in the world of fashion, which is something that is hard to blame at due to effective marketing strategies laid down by fashion write for us, but contemporary political campaigns have changed significantly.

These days, campaign organization has coherent and strong structure as well as staffs similar to large and established businesses. Political campaign staffs are basically the mastermind who have formulated and implemented strategies required to win the election. A lot of people actually made their careers by working as a full-time employee for groups and campaigns that are supporting them. On the other hand, many of the staffs are more like voluntary works in some campaigns.

As we discuss further, we will talk about the important personalities in a campaign.

Campaign Manager

Any successful campaign will need an experienced campaign manager. Their job is coordinating the operations of the campaign and also, mostly concerned about the proper execution of the campaign’s strategy than just setting it.



These people may be considered as the foot soldiers who are loyal to the campaign’s cause. We can call them as the true believers who’ll be carrying the run by volunteer activists. These interns and volunteers might be taking part in activities similar to making phone calls on behalf of campaign and even canvassing door-to-door.

Political Consultants

In the US, political campaigns will never be complete without a political consultant. Believe it or not, even in a limited period, campaign is an industry that is raking in billions of dollars and is dominated by seasoned political consultants who use complex campaign management tools.

There are different variations between municipalities, counties and states on which departments are elected and to under what procedures. Not only that, compared to democratic politics, the United States actually has weak parties. And while these parties do play a critical role to raise funds and to draft people to run in some cases, individual candidates themselves still have the full control of how the campaign would go. It is safe to say that these people are the advisors of the candidate to know the best direction for their campaigns.

Believe it or not, there’s a link between politics and tourism. Tourism is among the industries on the market, but many tourists traveling to countries. This occurs because of various reasons, sometimes due to money troubles, occasionally due to climate conditions, and as a result of political troubles.

The US is among the contributors as soon as it comes to travel. According to specialists, American households spend approximately $2000-$3000 a chunk of that goes overseas, online traveling. A good deal of individuals from all over the globe visit the US too, nevertheless, 2017 figures reported a dip in 4 percent in the number of folks seeing America. This is a result of many different explanations. Folks today consider a whole great deal of factors when determining on which they should or shouldn’t proceed, and one factor is politics too that may often affect their conclusions without realizing it.

The very reason why there’s a drop in the number of individuals will be Trump when you consider it. He’s made it hard for people of certain nationalities to find but there’s more to it. We should not be speaking about America that is just here. All nations become affected because of political conclusions. As an instance, the number of individuals visiting the UK got a hit because of Brexit.

Manager of this U.S.-Asia Center for Tourism & Hospitality Research, Robert Li, who also serves as a professor at the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Temple University believes that many different factors affect somebody’s choices to go to some Nation.

He states, “I feel all these [factors]–out of visitor-friendly policies to cultural and natural resources–are equally significant. Or I have not seen any research demonstrating which is important. Plus they’re part of a nation’s destination picture.” He will agree that a single person’s choice, says prime minister or the nation’s president may earn a great deal of difference.

He adds, “Labor and politicians’ service are critical to the wealth of tourism. The Obama government was rather supportive of tourism. The Travel Promotion Act has been signed into legislation in 2010, which generated Brand USA, the nation’s national destination marketing firm. And more nations joined the visa waiver application, etc. The number of travelers entering the U.S. annually between 2009 and 2016 climbed by over 40 percent, which I think wasn’t a coincidence.”

Matters shifted after 9/11 as it became hard to receive a US visa because of safety issues, As soon as we speak about America. But, the government actually of Trump brought issues if we believe Mexico. The strategy of trump did not bring lots of haters to him but also helped alter people’s strategies to see with the nation.

But let us talk about other nations also, like Pakistan and India. These states have a background and aren’t the best of buddies. India is among the most. Folks today see it due to abundance as it provides great diversity. Additionally, it’s amazing and has a great deal to offer to this planet such as exquisite title bracelets, fantastic meals, and much more.

According to reports, roughly 9 million people visited the nation in 2016up 11 percent from statistics. This is a figure that is enormous and the nation is currently working hard to enhance that, but the amount of individuals is quite low, and politics plays a part. It’s not simple for Pakistanis to find an Indian visa and also vice versa. The situation is observed in several other nations as well where tourism is impacted by states. Individuals with a passport can’t traveling to Israel and vice versa since we’re speaking about Pakistan. Both nations are impacted by these decisions and you’ll discover a lot of cases about you. Recently, Qatar was hit because of political decisions whenever other nations in the area and the UAE place a ban. The nation’s tourism influenced as numerous folks seeing Qatar have been from countries.

All in all, politics will affect tourism. Such as Canada and America, traveling between them may be simple which motivates individuals to have a trip when two nations have political connections. Nevertheless, if items are aggressive, they will become expensive and difficult to receive a visa, which keeps them and will put away people.


American voters were riled up last week as the first round of presidential debates has begun. The battle between the Democrat and Republican bets, Joe Biden and the incumbent president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, started with tirades and insults hurled against each other on national television. Some viewers were entertained, like they were watching some kind of reality TV show, while others were disappointed to witness such acts from presidentiables.

The day after the heated debate, another shocking report rattled the nation, most especially Trump’s supporters, as the president confirmed through his official Twitter account that he and his first lady, Melania Trump, tested positive for the dreaded novel coronavirus. His COVID-19 diagnosis could not come any worse for Trump, who will need all the energy and strength to continue his campaign.

How Could Trump’s COVID-19 Battle Affect His Chances Of Winning The Elections?

Trump has always presented himself in front of the American people as a formidable man, a person of power and influence. He wouldn’t let any small things affect his image, especially if those would make him look weak. In the case of his COVID-19 diagnosis, Trump is now seen as a victim of a horrifying plague that has already swept his country and the entire world. As we all know, his stance against the COVID-19 pandemic has been quite puzzling, as his government doing the necessary steps to contain the disease while telling the people that they should not let the virus affect their lives.

Even though some people don’t think that the election season is the time to talk about the COVID-19 pandemic, we should reflect on how the Trump administration handled this situation. Not to talk political, but Trump catching the COVID-19 is like a paradox of what he has been trying to show the United States about this plague. From the very start, Trump wanted to think that this disease is no stronger than a regular, seasonal flu, and that people could easily endure this.

Of course, the American people still wishes the best of health for the current POTUS, but this turn of events is a wake-up call for everyone to take the necessary precautions against COVID-19. You can read more on 222 here and learn the important info about the pandemic situation in the United States. For now, we should not let our guards down and remain vigilant for the sake of this country.