Government and Politics could be a fantastic A-Level that demonstrates how powerful politics is in our lives and dispels the myth that we are separate from it. The Scottish Independence referendum, attacks on free speech in Paris, and, most importantly, the general election in May have all occurred in recent months. Apart from the numerous advantages that this course provides in terms of gaining a better understanding of current events, here are our Top 5 Reasons to Check Politics:

1. Politics Helps You to grasp Your Rights
The course has allowed us to determine beyond our initial belief that we’ve got no real say in the running of our country. It’s truly educated us on a fundamental part of our society and has helped us to know that if we engage in political processes, using the pressure points built into the system, then every individual really does have the chance to alter the planet.

2. Politics Clarifies What You Yourself Believe
Studying the topics we’ve covered has allowed us to develop our own dogmas and to analyze the benefits and drawbacks of the vast array of political ideologies that exist today. It’s extremely useful to be able to specify what you suspect precisely and succinctly, as it forces you to look in the mirror!

3. Politics may be a Living, Breathing Subject
Picking which examples to use in your answers to essay questions is actually exciting as something that went on on the day you’re taking your A-Level exams can appear in your response!

4. Politics Helps You to grasp Our Nation’s Parties
After only 1 term on the topic, we’ve got learned about democracy and our rights, ideologies and party policies, the Constitution and Parliament. With the knowledge gained from the classroom, we’ve got been ready to watch events unfold worldwide, have seen our leaders’ reactions to those events, and have come to grasp these reactions as demonstrations of what we’ve learned.

5. Politics Prepares You for Adult Life
The world of British politics really exposes teenagers after our eighteenth birthdays, with the vote giving us the power to alter our nation and permit the principles we cherish to thrive. With this in mind, it could easily be said that Government and Politics is the most applicable subject on offer at any school, and maybe a subject that individuals should be encouraged to require because of nothing but the way it prepares you for entering the adult world.