President Putin this year appeared since the world’s most influential man. He has outmaneuvered his Western authorities though returning Russia to superpower status. Intriguingly, Western press lampoons and criticizes Putin but this hardly dents his growing popularity. Intriguingly, over half the Russian President’s fans are Americans. The ex- KGB officer Vladimir is far more popular in Britain than is PM David Cameron and his since ousted sidekick Nick Clegg.

It is nothing or even astounding that a man born to a sailor, his mother a St. Petersburg factory worker in 1952, could increase to such heights. His name is currently associated with the rise of modern Russia in the ashes. David Cameron and President Obama are not the only people to despair when Vladimir appears to the scene. His schoolteachers cringed when every day the self confident 8-year old rebel appeared from his authority level. The child was the only scholar banned from account of the Young Pioneers for his dissent. A keen sportsman, Putin can be a very awarded martial arts enthusiast.

After graduating he pursued his dream to work-in the area of intelligence. However, the enigmatic Russian head was charged with consular officials and monitoring foreigners. The Russian President offered in Soviet Occupied Germany from 1985 until their going the Red Army and Soviet ruling structure upon the failure of the Soviet Union.

Putin lost his career during the KGB coup d’état against Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev in 1991. It was then that he and his earlier mentor, Mayor St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak became re-acquainted. Political life beckoned. During his tenure in office the incorruptible Vladimir Putin wasn’t to be obtained at any price. Critics and perhaps his sternest competitors concede Vladimir Putin’s unwavering integrity.

In 1996, President Boris Yeltsin’s administration to serve as head of the Intelligence Service of Russia renamed the FSB invited Vladimir Putin.

Later, chosen with 52.94 per cent of the vote, he created an impact by showing his no-nonsense way of domestic terrorism. Faced down by Chechnya terrorists, Putin is on history as saying he’d hunt down and eliminate militants ‘even when they were to the toilet’. Such was his popularity he was to acquire 71% of the peoples vote and had an approval status of 80 percent. This achievement has been denigrated by the West but they would wouldn’t they. Superman had arrived and the rest is – not exactly history yet.