Traveling by land into Mexico, coming from the US south border is said to be a dangerous adventure, as criminals in border cities and highways prey on motorists. Yet you can virtually explore Mexico while driving the best looking racing car under the safest conditions, since Microsoft’s Forza Horizon 5 used Mexico as the new environment for its open-world racing. Here. players jump from a plane while on board their vehicle to make sure they ‘ll have a good headstart on the way to the first music festival.

Developer Playground Games not only kept up with the traditional racing and music festivals as main themes, but also raised the levels of the numerous stunts and fun events in which racers can vie to win accolades, bonus gifts and collect additional cars. In Forza Horizon 5’s Mexico, you can drive across jungles, backroads, highways and cities without fear of getting assaulted, mugged or be victimized by extortionists.

The Forza Horizon 5 brings players to a Mexico that is characterized by diverse and glorious sceneries where both traditional and modern Mexican culture fits perfectly. Famous Mexican landmarks appear naturally as part of the game’s huge map. The graphic depictions are so clear and realistic, while players will quickly feel the pulse and vibes of Mexico with the authentic sounds of nature and local Latino music.

What’s the Narrative of the Forza Horizon 5 Video Game?

The story arc or narrative of the Forza Horizon 5 race, focuses on a single-player campaign. It’s actually an upgrade when compared to other Forza Horizon games where the plots are like afterthoughts to the races. Mexico’s calendar is full of festivals there’ll be lots of events and showcase races where players can compete to earn diverse rewards.

You begin your Mexico adventure by being an A-1 race car driver off to the first festival site, along with your convoy of car collections. You’re supposed to take part in several expeditions in the first music festival to win races and promote the festivals.

As a contender, you will be rewarded for your efforts as you’ll be elevated to the Hall of Fame, whilst giving you access to other racing events; from off-road, to stunt driving to street racing and at the same time, act as the major promoter of festivals.

Is Forza Horizon 5 the Best of All Versions?

Playground developers considered all criticisms about previous versions to either take out faulty features or to rework them. Veteran Forza racecar drivers have been noticing all improvements that make the driving experience more fun and genuine. Along the way, Mexican culture is injected, including local traditions like the Lucha Libre wrestling matches and of the infamous underground drag-racing events.

So what else is left to criticize about Forza Horizon 5? The visuals and audio quality have been executed and rendered to deliver the best open-world racing challenges ever.

However, players who are new to playing the Forza Horizon series may also have to take interest in using tools that can help them travel faster; or collect greater credits and bonuses when customizing their vehicles for certain showcase events. Here’s a tip, if you’ve heard about game trainers it might interest you to know that a modengine forza trainer is now available for Forza Horizon 5.

While the New Balance (NB) sneaker brand became popular for pioneering the “chunky shoes” style, it attracted attention caused by a political controversy.

While NB’s 100% “Made in America” label proved useful in the company’s bid to forge an important contract as a major supplier of sneakers for the U.S. Armed Forces, it took some political wrangling before the deal came into fruition.

NB founder and chairman Jim Davis wanted the “Made in America” claim as the main distinction of NB sneakers from other brands that competed with NB’s “chunky shoes” style; whilst also citing the economic benefits of providing employment to American workers. That is why Mr. Davis was quite vocal in opposing the Obama administration’s support of the Trans Pacific Partnership, which embraced offshore labor outsourcing.

Although offshore business process outsourcing (BPO) can greatly reduce direct labor cost by paying wages based on the currency of countries like China and Vietnam, BPO also means displacing work opportunities for local American workers.

That being the case, the NB founder was more inclined to support Donald Trump, whose promise was to “Make America Great Again” by keeping U.S. employment opportunities available only to Americans. Unfortunately, Mr. Davis’ vocal political support for Trump was misconstrued by a group of neo-nazi Trump supporters, who began declaring New Balance as the “official shoes of the white Americans.”

The statement of course created a negative impact as it gave the impression that New Balance in turn supported Trump’s racism and bigotry as well. Despite efforts by the company’s public affairs department to clarify the issue, damage was already done.

More so, when the company finally won the U.S. military contract during Trump’s administration. As a result, the popular “chunky shoes” became politically tainted.

The Truth Behind New Balance’s Deal with the U.S.Military

Actually, the move to purchase American-made shoes started in 2014, when in January of that year, the Department of Defense (DOD) initiated a market research for the availability of 100% American-made shoes. The main purpose of which was to make the U.S. Armed Forces compliant with the 1941 Berry Amendment, which includes defense procurement among those subject to domestic source restriction.

Based on a press report released thereafter, the Defense Logistics Agency reported that they found four firms that can produce and supply American-made athletic shoes for military personnel. Among the four companies ascertained as having the capability to produce 100% U.S.-made athletic footwear is New Balance.

However, the DOD initiative to comply with the Berry Amendment was stalled during the Obama administration due to oppositions coming from the White House and the Pentagon. The latter wanted to keep its practice of simply issuing vouchers as a way of providing athletic shoes based on personal choices.

When Trump assumed office as president in 2017, a bipartisan resolution long introduced by Congressional Representatives from Maine and Massachusetts, finally passed approval. Based on the 1941 Berry Amendment, the new bill orders the U.S. military to discard the voucher system and instead issue American-made athletic shoes to its military personnel.

The Popularity of Chunky Shoes Enabled NB to Rise Above the Political Controversy

In the spring of that year, New Balance and 2 other companies won contracts to supply the U.S. Armed Forces the athletic shoes that will be issued to members of the military. Still, market reports say that the U.S. military contract reflects only a minimal portion of the 3 million sneakers produced by New Balance every year, which denotes that the company was able to rise above the 2016 political controversy.

After all, the chunky style sneakers remained popular among adult males that it subsequently gained popularity as the “dad shoes.” In 2019, as the trend saw an increased demand from the younger generation, which was helped by the fact that several famous personalities posted Instagram photos in which they sported the latest in NB’s chunky shoes like the new nb 993 edition.

While faced with indefinite unemployment and soon-to-end relief checks, not a few photography buffs have turned to freelance photojournalism to earn a living. However, the field is highly competitive, as the job also requires looking for an outlet to where one can pitch his or her photographs.

Still, those encountering difficulties in getting their photographs published need not be discouraged easily. Many of those who have already found a footing in this type of freelance profession, offer advice and technical suggestions. There are numerous helpful articles that give pointers to amateur photojournalists; on where and how to pitch their photos, on images to best capture and how to safely, as well as responsibly, take photographs.

Now More Than Ever, Photojournalists can Make a Difference

Photojournalism makes an important contribution because visual documentation serves as a critical element in distinguishing genuine news from fabricated stories.

Augmenting one’s income as a freelance photojournalist is a good idea but there are also work ethics involved when engaging in this profession. Since photographs of people have the most impact, one must also know and pay heed to the basic rules that professional photojournalists observe and follow.

Important Rules to Remember When Taking Photos of Protest Movements

If you are embarking on a career as a freelance photojournalist, the quality of your output also depends on the equipment you will be using. Needless to say, you should come equipped with more than your smartphone camera. An action camera is more appropriate since it has more features that will allow you to take photographs with more clarity, especially capturing images of moving objects.

When taking photographs at protest rallies, keep in mind that safety not just for yourself but for others as well, is a major consideration. Here are some important tips to remember:

Have a mindset to stay vigilant and to not take quick action without assessing if you would be in harm’s way; or could cause an impediment or possible harm to some protesters.

Dropping on your knee in front of protesters just to take a photo is dangerous, because the people behind the front line will not be aware. A sudden unexpected stop could cause a chain reaction of people tripping on each other. At worst, you can even get trampled on if protesters choose to ignore you and continue to move on.

Stay respectful by not getting in anyone’s face without asking permission first. Being a photojournalist does not give you the right to freely take photos of people, especially if they are not aware, or even if they have a mask on. Have awareness that some protesters could be at risk of losing their jobs. Some may have given their employers a different reason why they did not report for work.Others may be living in neighborhoods or affiliated with organizations that do not support the cause of the protest movement.

If you are looking to post your photographs at social media sites, blur or blacken out faces and other identifying features, including tattoos. Some action cameras have a Wifi connection feature that allows for real-time sharing via social media, but do not be too eager to use the feature. Take time to review the photographs first before uploading.

As an aside, Photoseminars, the sponsor of this guest post has a compilation of information about the best cameras to use professionally. Some of the best action cameras come with excellent features at affordable prices, suitable for new freelance journalists.

To most millenials, the Covid-19 pandemic reminds them of scenarios when a virus plagued and caused virtual infection in the World of Warcraft (WoW).

In 2005, a spell known as Corrupted Blood had infected and claimed virtual lives of online players who were still vulnerable to the harms caused by a debuff or spell cast by a high-level boss. Developers of the World of Warcraft had no intention of turning the “Corrupted Blood” into a plague.

Yet how that came to happen presented a scenario that real-world epidemiologists took to studying, in determining how deadly viruses can spread and be transmitted in real environments.

A Glimpse of the “Corrupted Blood Plague” that Actually Disrupted WoW Games

Corrupted Blood was originally meant as a spell that an ancient winged serpent called Hakkar, cast on elite and battle-hardened players who succeeded in reaching Zul’Gurub. Once the spell has been cast, characters of players engaged in battle with Hakkar weaken. Moreover, the spell can be transmitted and can infect all characters in close proximity to each other. The effect was supposed to last only for a few seconds and was only intended to make battles with Hakkar extra difficult.

Developers wrote codes that enabled Hakkar’s spell to drain the lives of characters, They also wrote codes to ensure the avatars will be protected against total damage while inside Hakkar’s domain. That way, the health-draining effects of Corrupted Blood stays contained in Zul’Gurub.

However, one thing that developers forgot to do was to write codes that would protect the health of minions and pets that characters brought along with them during the battle. The animals subsequently became unprotected carriers of the Corrupted Blood virus, while their respective avatars teleported them back to city environments.

What happened next was devastating because the break out of the Corrupted Blood became an actual pandemic in the World of Warcraft. The virus drained out the health of weaker players who have yet to reach the game level where they can receive protection against it.

In a matter of hours, the streets of Ironforge and Stormwind had filled with dead bodies belonging to avatars of new and lower-level players regardless of the civilization they represent, humans, gnomes and elves.

Video Gaming while Quarantined in the Midst of the Covid-19 Crisis

The world that the Covid-19 crisis has created, has brought to reality, the environment that many video games allow us to experience virtually.

Streets once practically filled with cars and people are now empty, as fears of a life-threatening pandemic hang over our head. To many, sheltering in place and the closing of bars and moviehouses is not something to fret about, as long as their computers or gaming consoles are working just fine.

Now that the real word is confronted with a true-to-life pandemic, many have been presented with opportunities to go back full-time to their video gaming activities. Worries about job loss.and dwindling funds can take a backseat for awhile if only to keep their sanity in check. Besides, staying quarantined is the most sensible thing that ordinary people must do, to prevent the health crisis from getting even worse than it already is.

Since it appears that the coronavirus plaguing the entire globe will be around for quite some time, many even upgraded their computer systems with speakers for gaming setups to make their playing experience completely immersive.

Domestic terrorism has once again reared its ugly head when a horrific stabbing spree happened right in the home of a rabbi during a Hanukkah celebration last Saturday.

The attacker, Grafton Thomas entered the home of Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg in Monsey, New York and gave the order: “No one is leaving!” After which, the man pulled out a machete and started attacking people; slashing and stabbing those in his path, seriously injuring five people, including one who remains in critical condition due to a skull fracture.

Thomas who seemed intent in continuing his act of terrorism had ran to the nearby synagogue, which someone had the good sense to put under lock before Thomas arrived. About an hour later, police apprehended the assailant and was immediately charged. Despite all evidences and witnesses to Grafton Thomas’ hate crime, the 37-year old resident of Greenwood Lake pleaded not guilty. The pastor of the United Methodist Church which Thomas attends, attested that Grafton was not a violent person nor a terrorist.

The FBI team who raided his home found journals that revealed Thomas’ anti-Semitic leanings, while his Internet search history disclosed queries looking up “German Jewish Temples near me,” for “Zionist temples in Staten Island and in Elizabeth, N.J.” as well as “Prominent companies in America founded by Jew” and “Why Adolf Hitler hated the Jews?”

Rising Incidents of Hate Crimes in the U.S.

Hate crimes have finally been acknowledged as a growing and ongoing concern in the U.S. The FBI has ramped up investigations on “white supremacist groups, including one called Atomwaffen, which FBI agents say is the most violent organization they have uncovered. The bureau is quite concerned with this group because it has recruited dozens of members across America, all agreeing to the group’s mission of starting a “race war.”

Threats of domestic terrorism looms large and near, now more than ever. Mainly because President Trump who stokes sentiments waged by white nationalists and Muslim bigots, has been impeached. In fact Donald Trump is putting much of the blame on violent crimes against video games. An assumption that has not been proven true, since none of those who have committed hate crimes and other acts of terrorsim were video game fanatics.

NY Governor Cuomo to Propose Law that Would Define Hate Crimes as Domestic Terrorism

Inasmuch as the Hanukkah is only one of many incidents of hate crimes that recently occurred in New York, Gov. Cuomo vows to push for legislation that would declare such types of crimes as domestic terrorism. According to the governor, the Hanukkah stabbing spree was the 13th anti-Semitic hate crime that occurred in New York during the past three weeks, while numerous other hate-incidents had targeted the black, Latino and LGBT communities.

On the other hand, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has directed the New York Police Dept. to boost its patrols, by stationing more officers in front of places of worship. In particular, Mayor de Blasio mentioned the streets in Borough Park, Crown Heights and Williamsburg, where a disproportionate number of hate attacks have taken place in recent weeks. According to the NY mayor, the patrol boost is necessary because the government has work toward giving people a sense of security.

Speaking of boost and of video games, players seeking to improve in rainbow six siege as a ranked player should get on with it before Ubisoft launches its Season 5 installment in 2020. The tactical shooting game in which R6 Operatives launch offensives against terrorists will be adding two new recruits, Kali and Wamai of the Nighthaven private military outfit based in India. The new additions can make formidable offensive (Kali) or defensive (Wamai) operators out of players when playing ranked multiplayer games.

Given the significant changes in the way people are spending their viewing time and the scandals that damaged Facebook’s reputation for delivering trustworthy news, YouTube is currently poised as the next major social media platform where political communication will be delivered and received.

Now ranked as the second largest search engine next to Google, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki also boasts that the latest viewership count shows YouTube has as many as 2 billion active users per month. The number represents 45% of the 4.40 billion total of Internet users present throughout the globe.

In addition, a recent Pew Research Center study shows that this year (2019), 73% of U.S. adults who participated in the survey, identified themselves as YouTube users, which outnumbered the 69% who prefer to be identified as Facebook users.

That is why early in October 2019, political campaign teams were quick to respond when the Google-owned, video-sharing social media platform announced the activation of a nascent reservation tool called “Instant Reserve.” In anticipation of the forthcoming 2020 nationwide elections, the reservation tool will allow political campaigners to strategically book slots on YouTube channels in advance. That is considering that voting activities are set to commence by as early as February, especially in critical voting states like Iowa, Ohio, and South Carolina.

Campaign teams can choose advertising slots according to their budget and based on demographics of targeted political audience; as well as customize their reach in a geolocation in a timely manner.

What YouTube Provides as Support for Political Institutions

Making YouTube even more desirable as a social media platform in which to put forward political communication, are the optimization features available to YouTube users.

Reference to political institutions include not only the presidential aspirants of political parties, but also those seeking for public office in the local and state levels. Institutions also include advocates of political issues as a means of conveying issues and concerns needing reforms; or even activists looking to draw support from social media audience in their stand against social injustices.

The YouTube Welcome Module – This segment is designed to help video uploaders to immediately pique the interest of their target audience by way of a trailer video. The clip automatically plays to briefly introduce the channel, its advocacies, and to highlight the key takeaways of the video presentation.

Tools for Enhancing Viewer Experience – To keep an audience interested in what a YouTube channel offers, viewer experience can be enhanced by adding text overlays of annotations. Moreover, presentations on complex issues can include links to the video uploader’s official website, where audience can access supplementary information.

Tools for Engaging Audience – The audience engagement feature takes into consideration that a significant number of voters in the U.S. do not have the luxury of time to attend town hall meetings. This can be addressed through the use of Google’s Hangout multi-way communication app, which will allow several YouTube viewers to engage in a video dialogue, live streamed via the YoutTube channel.

YouTube’s viewership statistics though indicates that the path to reaching the top of the search pages of YouTube is very crowded. That being the case, it would be wise to let social media marketing experts to help you; click here to find out how.