Majority of consumers today are becoming smart shoppers thanks to technology that people continuously advance along with the use of the internet. This allowed consumers to to now have access to different product reviews and buying guides to ensure they wind up with the right product or service at the best price. is an example.

Buying Guides Help Consumers

Credible and reliable buying guides like provide shoppers with relevant information in order for them to make better purchasing decisions. Moreover, these are very helpful tools for consumers to have an easier and more convenient shopping experience, ensuring a worthwhile purchase.

While buying guides do help shoppers become more informed of various products and services available in the very wide market, there are however  other factors that influence the purchasing decision of consumers. Politics is one.

Political Ideology Influences Consumers

Although we as consumers purchase products or services based on our needs as well as budget, we actually make purchases to make a statement, either knowingly or unknowingly. This includes our wardrobe, our choice of car, even the kind of food and drink we purchase.

Nailya Ordabayeva from Boston College with Daniel Fernandes from the Catholic University of Portugal carried out a research where they had 169 participants, all were university students who related their political ideology. In the research, they found out that a person’s political ideology plays a large role when it comes to making a purchasing decision. It was found that conservatives prefer to communicate their dominance, whereas liberals are more inclined to project their uniqueness or distinctiveness.

Nailya Ordabayeva and Daniel Fernandes wrote that conservatism influences consumers to make purchases that would show that they are better that other people. On the other hand, liberalism directs consumers to choose and purchase brands showing their uniqueness from others.

In the publication the Journal on Consumer Research, they argue that this finding reflects the endorsement or support of right-wingers to a social structure that is hierarchical in nature, wherein individuals get what is deserved of them. When paralleling success with virtue, you would want to appear successful. If not, then your interest is more on communicating your distinctiveness or individuality.

The environment of politics in a nation could have an effect on businesses (see https://A/category/composite-decking-boards/) and can present a risk factor that can be a reason for them to experience financial loss. The political environment and conditions can change because of the governmental actions and policies from the local to the federal level. Businesses then need to plan for the variability and adaptability of policies and regulations by the government.

Influence on the Economy

A nation’s political environment has an effect on its economic environment, and it in turn affects the performance and operation of a business. For instance, there are considerable dissimilarities in the policies of Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. This has a bearing on factors like taxes as well as the spending of the government, which impacts the economy of the nation. For example, a higher government spending level is likely to fuel the economy.

Political Stability

For example, in any nation, a shortage or absence of political stability has an influence on business operations, specifically for internationally operated businesses. A takeover that’s hostile can bring down a government bringing about rioting, looting and mayhem, which upsets business operations.

Regulation and Policy Changes

Governments can change or modify their regulations and rules, which can affect businesses. For example, following the accounting indignities of the early 21st century, the Securities and Exchange Commission of the U.S. have concentrated more on corporate compliance. Additionally, the government presented the Sarbanes-Oxley compliance regulations of 2002. The regulation was a reply to the social environment that required such shift to make public companies more liable.

Lessening of Risk

Political risks can be managed in different ways; one way is to purchase an insurance for political risk. Organizations and businesses that have operations done internationally utilize a political risk insurance to lessen their exposure for risk due to political instability. Indices are made available to present an idea or image of the exposure of risk a business or organization has in particular nations. For example, countries are tiered in an index of economic freedom grounded on how political interfering has an effect on business choices and decisions in each nation.

We all know that our mental health and wellness is as critical as our physical wellbeing to be able to function effectively in every aspect of our life (see Psychological health is imperative in our places of work, including voted political positions on which the effectual functioning of our democratic system depends.

There is a new tune or strategy by the UK government, the “No health without mental health.” This is an indication that several politicians are ultimately beginning to recognize the worth of our mental well-being as much as that of our physical wellbeing.

True enough we are all responsible for our health and wellness, however the mental effect of our work surroundings as well as our social surroundings is well recognized, and as governments disregard this crucial element of our wellbeing and functioning in their health policies and work hazard compromises the competitiveness of our country.

It probably doesn’t help that as members of the society, we are frequently doubtful and unconvinced of our politician’s function and responsibility in making crucial assessments, verdicts and decisions that form the place we live in, however if we dismiss from inspecting and dissecting their behavior, we run the risk of compounding the matter as well as compromising our own wellness.

Mental Well-being Is Political

We, as members of the community, are all politicians. As people, we are astute to form our own social and physical environments as well as our survival so far has relied on the capability to be political.

Since politics is regarding power, it denotes that control is what we aim to exercise throughout our worlds to have a voice over our everyday living as well as for the people we care about.

It may make sense; however, it is probably also something we favor to not harp on as the urge for survival is derived from a particular level of self-centeredness and necessity for discretion.

For social acceptability to be upheld, words except “politics” and “power” are searched for to define what we do and as an alternative relate to words such as “relationships” and “autonomy”. This doesn’t change our primary impetus or motivation, however in silently contemplating on what we seek out and pursue in life, it is beneficial to term it as it is. This is crucial for our own psychological wellness and health, not least since health and wellness relies on being capable of exerting a degree of control or power over our lives. For the majority, this is expended by the necessities of everyday living, however could also be mirrored in our actions and conducts as citizens by communicating our opinions, imparting these to holders of power, taking part in an election and protests and possibly agreeing to run for office to represent, speak for, and stand for others.