While Bernie Sanders declared his candidacy, and named herself an accepted socialist,  they would like to change America into Venezuela,” after which I recall in 2013 when Venezuela fell apart after a lot of errors by Hugo Chavez, their socialist Leader, switched quasi-master.

I came across it interesting that Democrats within our nation mentioned Venezuela’s meltdown did not have something related to socialism, instead they said it’d related to bad management problems produced by the Leader there.

Well, yes, but he did everything socialist leaders do once they enter power.

Now then in those days in 2013 there is a fascinating article within the Seattle report on Thanksgiving Morning entitled; “Venezuela obtains loan from Russia’s Gazprom,” evidently some of those reprints in the Associated Press, which mentioned; “Venezuela’s condition-run oil company has secured $1-billion in funding from Russia’s Gazprom to assist the gas-dependent economy boost sagging result,” and “another loan for $1.2 million from Spain’s Repsol ought to be completed the following month. That will bring to almost $10 million the total amount this season Petróleos de Venezuela has lifted from its international oil associates.”

Does it seem sensible to Venezuela to mortgage cash? Itis about filthy international politics, cash, socialist greed, and gas is not it? I’d not loan cash to Venezuela under any conditions – or Bolivia, or Argentina, or Ecuador for instance.

Take and these authorities are recognized to warm around the remainder of the planet. Saddam did this. Remember Spanish, the French and Russians did not need the united states to get into Baghdad, because they cheated the gas for meals system – everything is bad in Venezuela – poor move by Gazprom, they’ll be sorry ultimately.