US weapon of mass destruction –  How many nuclear weapons does the United States really need, ask several anti-war activists? Well, perhaps enough to create a many atomic weaponized countries think hard about getting to take us out utilizing their nukes, one might imagine. Irrespective of your values or game theory selections in choosing your opinion or position with this issue – it is an essential issue. Ok so, let us talk shall we, as there has been some current political developments lately.

Obviously, this thinks he will get reelected, and this voters asks why on Earth could the American People be silly to achieve that ?

In this second follow-up phase on international TV he stated that “missile defense” programs are standing in the manner of lowering our nuclear weapons arsenal, and that we might need to look at that, although, after his alleged re election victory. Meanwhile this same week a fantastic National firm Raytheon announced its latest new Patriot Missile system missile defense battery for sale now to American friends within the Middle East. As you know NATO and the US will be building anti-missile systems to safeguard against Iran, but Russia understands they could be used to shoot bomb from Russia down into European nations – obviously.

For a US President to create a package to lessen reach capabilities and our nuclear strategy, as well as delay the security of our NATO allies? And do we genuinely wish to offer that sort of power away or let a US President to own more flexibility to produce Americans less safe? I would say no, however, you might have an alternate view here you see?

Meanwhile, Gingrich and Romney GOP Presidential candidates were also frightened that Obama would be “making a deal with the devil” behind closed doors or off-mike that has been discussing in Government Executive news on March 26, 2012 in a bit titled; “Romney, Gingrich boost Obama for missile defense remarks,” by Sarah Huisenga and Sarah B. Boxer reprinted in the National Journal. The article reported;

“That’s an alarming and troubling development,” said Romney, contacting the president’s remark “revealing” for what he called Obama’s unwillingness to supply more details about missile defense,” and ” Gingrich called the change with Medvedev an “extraordinary time captured on tape where the president essentially said to a Russian head, “Please wait until after the selection and so I could sell out.”