Reasons You Should Care About Politics and Government

As someone who has spent a few years studying and writing on the topic, I recognize that, to some, it isn’t the foremost glamorous of subjects.

While I understand why some may well be apathetic toward this subject, I’d prefer to share three reasons why people should have an interest in politics and government.

#1. Whether we prefer it or not, government plays a large role in our daily lives.
Starting from the quantity of tax you acquire your morning coffee, to the categories of sunshine bulbs you’re allowed to get. Since we all know that government impacts various choices we make, why not take the time to grasp how the method works? Who makes these laws and the way do they impact me? Having this understanding can facilitate your determining the most effective course of action for yourself and your family, regarding a good range of issues. (Most of which are more important than your coffee and light-weight bulbs.)

#2. Having knowledge of politics helps cause you to be an informed voter.
It’s a well-known indisputable fact that many Americans don’t vote. In fact, a recent PBS article found that while the polls received record votes during the 2016 presidential election, these totals still only amounted to 58% of eligible voters. For people who do vote, I feel it’s important to travel to the polls armed with the facts. Whether you’re voting for President or voting on an area ballot initiative, having the facts helps you create an informed decision on the problems. This isn’t to mention that it’s a necessity to read every news article about a difficulty or watch every television interview with a candidate, but performing some independent research can provide you with peace of mind that you’ve done your homework before casting your ballot.

#3. Politics is entertaining.
While it’d not be as entertaining as going out along with your friends on a Friday night, politics will be quite fun. an honest example of this can be elections. I used to be in Gymnasium, and I recall being fascinated by the method. Elections include everything from the drama of campaigns prospering and collapsing to watching various “negative” campaign ads. Being a spectator of it will be exciting. Is my candidate ahead within the polls? What was their latest blunder? However, vigorous debates with friends and family about the present hot-button political issues can occur at any time! Also, who doesn’t sort of a good political scandal?

While I don’t expect everyone to appear and become members of the American government Association, consider taking time this year to seem up from the busyness of life and see what’s happening around you!