How Politics Affects Our Lives

As a younger with a keen interest in politics, I’m obsessed with the method through which the choices that have an instantaneous impact on our daily lives are reached.

As I visit numerous people I realize there’s a powerful apathy towards politics and government. this is often perhaps the best challenge we face currently in our democracy: re-engaging Canadians within the political process and maybe a subject that has to be addressed. Politics is the vehicle by which progress and alter for the people occurs. I feel firm that the aim of the presidency is to satisfy the wants of the people.

I have identified four common myths that individuals have about politics. By the tip of this text, I hope to possess dispelled them.

The first myth is “Politics never accomplishes anything for the people.” From universal healthcare for all irrespective of financial income to the Canada pension account, to social insurance, to the rights of ladies and Aboriginals to vote, to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms – all of those things which we regularly deem granted came out of the political process.

From what proportion we pay in taxes to the value of gasoline, politics incorporates a direct impact on our daily lives. If you’ve got young children and both spouses are working, daycare is crucial. Whether there’s a program of universally accessible childcare is decided by the govt, a choice that will have a profound impact on the lives of families.

Imagine you’re a soldier within the Canadian military. Had the govt agreed to affix George Bush’s war, you’ll okay be fighting in Iraq without delay. Now tell me politics doesn’t affect our lives. The third myth is “All politicians are identical.” Nothing may be farther from reality. Any profession has its bad apples, and it’s due to individuals not groups of individuals.

Mahatma Gandhi once said that some drops of dirty water don’t make the ocean dirty, which pertains perfectly to politics. There are good people working to form a difference for our fellow citizens and we shouldn’t lose hope because some politicians are corrupt.

The fourth and final myth I’ve got encountered is that “one vote doesn’t make a difference.” I’ll offer you a decent example of how this common way of thinking is wrong.